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The very Best Training Clinic You will ever attend







We have become very popular with bird dog people because of our ability to train. We have developed our own methods of training. We did not learn to train from watching videos and reading books like most trainers have. Our methods come from a common sense approach of understanding the animal and how it learns, and being able to read the dogs and react to each situation instinctively.  Few trainers have this ability to fit their program to the dog's personality and needs.  Instead, if the dog doesn't fit their program, it is either washed out, ruined or not trained.  Some trainers have it ----- MOST don't.

Because of our training ability, we are able to make your dog the best it can be.  We can take them to a higher level of training and yet maintain their personality and keep their tails wagging.

Another unique aspect of our training knowledge is the number of dogs that we have fixed that have been washed out, ruined, or broken down by other so-called trainers who do not have the insight or understanding of the animals.  This has been a big focal point of our business.  

Our point being, that it's cheaper to have someone with the knowledge and understanding that we have, than going to someone who doesn't have it because they're less expensive or closer.  It will cost you in the long run, because you won't be satisfied with an untrained or ruined dog.


Another reason we're so successful, is because of our strong work ethic.  Our commitment to your dog, means that we are out training 5 or 6 days a week,  well before sun-up and normally until dark.  Training can only be successful if it's done on a regular basis, everyday.  Just ask any of our references because they have seen the results in their dogs.  





At our kennel, we will not try to thrill you with fancy trucks, clothes, or other gimmicks.  Anyone can buy those things.  You will be thrilled with our abilities as trainers because that's what we are.  Our honesty, hard work, and training ability keeps our clients coming back again and again.   BASICALLY, WE WORK HARD AT WHAT WE DO, AND WE ARE GOOD AT IT!!! 

Bird dog training is a lot of hard work.  It involves miles of walking and hours in the saddle.  This makes for sore butts and tired feet.