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Welcome to Perfection Kennel's website. We are located 40 miles North of Kansas City, Missouri.

Our kennel is surrounded by thousands of acres of some the best training grounds you'll find; with huge fields of crops and native grasses, scattered with long ditches, fence rows and small strands of timber.  Our grounds are an important tool in helping your gun dog learn how to hunt cover for birds.  Unfortunately, most bird dogs these days live in cities.  Getting your bird dog into acres of premium hunting ground can be a big challenge for most people.  Bring your bird dog out to Perfection Kennel's training grounds and watch him light up like a kid entering Disneyland! 

One of the most unique facts about our professional gun dog training business is our focused efforts on only training bird dogs.  

We do not breed pointing dogs and raise puppies.  We do not sell started gun dogs.  We do not own and operate a shooting preserve.  We do not run a guided hunt service.  WE JUST TRAIN!

Another distinguishing feature of our kennel is it's size.  Our kennel is small, compared to most.  This is an intentional decision on our behalf.  Running a smaller-sized kennel means we take in fewer dogs which means your bird dog gets more quality training at our facility.  We've always believed that one person cannot train 50 dogs.  Therefore, we limit ourselves to realistic number of training dogs.  Your dog, whether he's a future Champion or your best hunting companion, is our top priority.  Every dog at Perfection Kennels is our top priority!

We know it can be a difficult decision for some to send their beloved hunting companions away for any reason, let alone for training.  Rest assured, your gun dog will be safe, secure and comfortable here at Perfection Kennel.  The kennels are constructed of chain link and set on concrete, all enclosed temperature controlled.  Kennels are kept clean, dogs are well taken care of, and only one dog per kennel is allowed here.

Perfection Kennels is a licensed facility by the state of Missouri.  We are inspected regularly to ensure the health and well-being of your dogs.  All dogs accepted with us must be accompanied by an official certificate of health.

We are a full service training facility offering programs for all types of bird dog owners; from the weekend hunter to the serious field trialer. 

Here at Perfection Kennels we train dogs from all over the United States.  We have many satisfied customers who make the extra effort to get their dogs to us because they've seen the results first-hand.  We train all breeds of gun dogs, for all kinds of people, for all kinds of needs.  If you are in the market for having your gun dog trained, consider us.  


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