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Jon and Jessica Hann

​Jon Hann owner and trainer at Perfection Kennels has been training working bird dogs since the age of 17.  Jon’s uncle passed on a bird hunting tradition to Jon that grew into a love of all things bird dogs. His passion and interest in bird dogs has developed throughout his career and has enabled him to become one of the top trainers in the United States. The Perfection Method of training created by Jon is unique and provides superior results. Jon’s methods rely on his ability to custom tailor a program for each individual dog.  He is equally adept at training the softest dog or transitioning to the most obstinate.  His compassion for the dog coupled with his extreme work ethic and integrity makes for a successful training program. His achievements are measured by the many successful trial and hunt test champions but equally as much by the successful hunting dogs he sends home. 
Jessica came to the kennel in 2012 and hit the ground running.  Jessicas background in training horses made her transition to dogs very easy and now The Kennel has fantastic trial horses to go with the program. Jessica loves force fetch and enjoys working with all the dogs but has a special fondness for youngsters and gunshy dogs. Her integrity and work ethic made a perfect match for Jon and his program, not only as an asset to training but also as his wife and partner.   
Jon and Jessica work side by side daily and share all aspects of Perfection Kennel Training.  Its a good team with desire to help you and your dogs become all that you can be. 

Stop by and say hi- we'd love to have you. 


Kharlie McLeod

Animal Husbandry Specialist and Jack of All Trades
​Perfection Kennel would like to introduce Kharlie McLeod and Daren Mccleod from Hamilton, Missouri.  Kharlie absolutely loves the dogs and treats each one as if it were her own.  Kharlie is an animal lover of all kinds. She has even resorted to taking in a stray pig.  Kharlie is self motivated and does amazing work whether we are home or not. She is a true asset to our program. 
Daren McLeod  is absolutely amazing at anything he does.  He can fix, build, clean, anything we ask him too!
Both these two have absolutely amazing attitudes and they always greet everyone with a smile.  They go above and beyond our expectations.

Jared Quade

Jared Quade joins Perfection Kennel from Gretna Nebraska. He owns three GSP's: Remnar (5), Abel (2), and Arie (2). Jared has always had a deep passion for bird dogs, but it grew exponentially when his father brought Remnar into his life at 16.  Jared's dedication to his dogs and their development is unmatched. He will walk every corner of the country to get his dogs on wild birds. There is no greater joy to Jared than watching his dogs work wild coveys. Jared self admits that most of his time is spend either working dogs, talking about dogs or thinking about dogs. In those rare moments that bird dogs dont occupy  his mind , you can find Jared hunting or fishing. Jared crossed PK's path at a field trial in Iowa and not only did his training and handling make quite the impression but his love for his dogs was second to none.  

Mark Burns

Mark Hails from Kansas City area and comes up to Gallatin a couple of times a week to help us work the Perfection Kennel Dogs.  He is a great shot and a super good hand with the dogs. Mark is a huge help with everything dog related and sometimes gets cajoled into to fence building, hay making and various other jobs around the farm. Mark has been with Perfection Kennel for 14 years - we are truly blessed to have him. 

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