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Puppy Program
Finish Program
Retrieve Training
Gun Shy
Summer Camp
$1350 Plus Birds

Puppy Program

Perfection Kennel's puppy program is the foundation for your pups hunting future.  In a 30 day period, we can build the foundation that will be used for the rest of his/her  life.  This program is set up for pups, ages 4 to 6 months and older.  During this time, it will be properly introduced to birds (pointing and retrieving), properly gun acclimated, and exposed to the hunting environment.  It is imperative that these introductions be done the correct way.  Perfection Kennel has developed methods for these introductions to evaluate and bring out the natural abilities of your young prospect.  

The puppy program will introduce your pup to birds and the hunting environment, teach him to point properly, he will learn the HERE command properly and to understand and respond correctly to the electronic collar.  He will learn to HANDLE in the field, turn to his name (or whistle) and learn to go with you while hunting.  .  Your pup will be  CORRECTLY introduced to the GUN  based on Pavlovs theory of positive association. 

We play retrieve with every dog at the end of each training session.  This not only acts as a reward  but will encourage and help develop whatever level of natural retrieving instinct that dog may possess.  

At the end of the 30 day puppy program your dog will be ready to hunt. You will be required to attend a take home session upon pickup so that we may transfer and teach commands to the owners.

The PUPPY PROGRAM   does not  teach WHOA .  This program is  confidence building program for young dogs and this is not  the place to put this type of restriction on these pups.

The puppy program is limited to a small number of dogs each month.


Finish Program

$2000/month Plus Birds

We believe that to become a great gun dog, a dog must become a great BIRD DOG  first.  Here at Perfection Kennel we build BIRD DOGS. 

The Finish Program is the foundation for all great Gun dogs/Field Trial dogs/Hunt Test dogs and for a dog that spends it's lifetime in the search of wild game birds. This program will provide you with a solid hunting companion. 
This three month program is for adult dogs or older puppies that have been properly gun acclimated and shot over. Dogs  in this program will to learn HEEL, WHOA, to be STEADY TO WING, or STEADY TO WING, SHOT AND FALL.  He will understand these things completely and perform them happily and to a very high degree of proficiency.   Your dog will also be introduced to backing during this course. 

As a result of our play-retrieve policy throughout all of our training programs, many dogs learn to become very reliable retrievers without the need for force training  (ie. trained retrieve). As a result  FORCE - TRAINING  is not  included in the FINISH PROGRAM.

We have built our business training gun dogs and this is still a main function of our training.  We train many gun dogs each year. If you want your dog to be developed and brought along in the proper manner, then we are your choice.  We are able to take into consideration each dog's own personality and train it accordingly.

Many of you have had bad experiences with gun dog trainers, therefore may have a bad feelings about all professional trainers.   Let us change your mind about trainers!  

At the end of the training we will expect (require) you, the handler, to come and spend some time with us when you pick up your dog.  This will ensure you understand what the dog knows and how to handle the different situations that will arise when out with your dog, and that the dog will perform to the same high standards for you the owner as he does for us.  This also gives you the tools you will need to be able to maintain his training and eliminates the need to come back for yearly "tune-ups " . This policy is an important part of helping you and your dog become a successful team,  whether it be a foot hunting companion, horseback Field trial dog or Hunt test dog.

Our Finish Program is another way Perfection Kennels is setting  standards that others can not match. We were the originators of the 3 month program 23 years ago and now it seems everyone has a 3 month program. Many say they can, but few  have the ability to achieve the level of training that Perfection Kennels can.

Contact our references and find out how great this program is!!!!!! 

Once you have enrolled, contact us two weeks prior to estimated drop off date to solidify a drop off date.  We will not contact you.


Retrieve Training

$1500 Per Dog Plus Birds

Our retrieve program at Perfection Kennel is designed for the hunter or trial enthusiast  who needs a dependable retrieve.  Whether you plan to hunt or compete we will send you home with a dog that will reliably and consistently retrieve.  This is typically a four to six week program.  However, the amount of time this training takes is solely dependent upon the progress of your dog.  At Perfection Kennel we use the least amount of pressure to gain success and build your dogs confidence so that your dog will know he must retrieve but still enjoys doing so.  Our retrieve training is proven through our numerous satisfied clients and their dogs that have been given a clear understanding of their job as retrievers.   With our expertise we make the process as simple as we can for you and your dog.  


Gun Shy/Gun Acclimation

Is your gun dog "blinking" birds when you know he should be pointing them?  Does your bird dog become nervous (panting, tail tucked, shivers though it's warm outside, sticks by your side like she's glued there, take off like a wild hyena) at the sight or sound of a shotgun? 

Perfection kennels offers gun acclimation training for the gun shy dog. Whether your dog was started incorrectly or came to you as a gun shy dog we will take the time to correct the issue and make a dog who can become a hunting companion or trial dog for you. Over a 14 year span Jon has had a hundred percent success rate in fixing gun shy dogs.  His techniques implement positive association with the gun.  This technique allows for the dog to not only tolerate but actually look forward to the gunshot.  Our gun shy program does not have a set timeframe and each dog will have to be evaluated individually to discuss optimum success for you and your dog.  Our gun shy dogs are accepted on a two week trial to give us time to evaluate the possibility of a successful outcome and to determine and discuss with the owner, the cost and timeframe of the gun shy program. 



Because of Perfection Kennel's new and easy to apply training methods, we are getting many requests to do more seminars each year. Each student  at our seminars is amazed at the abilities they find in themselves and amazed at the difference it makes in the response of their dogs.

Participants at our seminars can't believe that they have bought all the videos, and have been to the most popular seminars in the US, to find that training is not that difficult. It is just a matter of being guided in the right direction. Come let us guide you.

The methods that Jon brings to the seminars are a wealth of knowledge that has been developed through 40 years of Professional training of Pointing and Retrieving breeds. These methods have been developed without trying to copy the methods of the past, which in many ways were very cruel and inhumane. The methods that you will learn at our Seminars are humane and work on any dog, from the most timid to the toughest of dogs. These methods are based on the theory of making it simple for the dog to understand. YOU WILL BE AMAZED AT JUST HOW SIMPLE IT IS!!!!  With our proven techniques with the Electronic Collar, we will make you a very knowledgeable and fine tuned trainer. You will obtain abilities and skills that most pro trainers don't possess. We can give you that edge that will make you a better trainer than your rivals. Most people use the same old methods. It is time to move ahead and here is the way. "To beat your competitors you can't imitate them, you have to FIND A BETTER WAY".


Summer Camp

Call for Pricing Limited Availability

Summer Camp With Perfection Kennel - An Experience Like No Other for Your Bird Dog!

We go to North Dakota each August, into September. This is Fantastic for the dogs who need a jump start on wild birds or the dog who needs to learn to stretch it out a little. We are lucky to be in one of the areas where there are good bird numbers. We work on Sharptail, Hungarian Partridge, and Pheasants. It is unbelievable what these wild birds can do for your dog's style and intensity on point. This is one of the only places where each brace gets wild bird work.

This is very popular for our clients.  So if you are interested in getting a dog up north with us, get your name on the waiting list. We take a limited number of dogs to the PRAIRIE.

Check out the slideshow below of Summer Camp:


Field Trial Prep

Whether you are looking for a finished field champion or wanting to trial your dog yourself we have the program for you.  Our focus is on teaching amateurs to handle and train.  Through collaborative efforts we can help you create the best trial dog possible, we do not require a long term training contract therefore owner participation is a must. We offer a limited line up of trials for a select few dogs..  If you are wanting an amateur handled dog we specialize in training the owner and the dog to have great success in the field.   Call us to schedule an evaluation and discuss your goals.

Field Trial Prep
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