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The Perfect Start 4 Day Clinic
$1500 plus birds 

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Perfection Kennels offers our 4 day start clinics for dog owners who want to be involved in training their own puppies.  Our clinics provide four days of intensive training with our expert staff for both you and your canine friend.  The start clinic will cover proper introduction to the gun, introduction to birds (pointing and retrieving), here, launcher work, turning with name, introduction to backing, and introduction to hunting environment.  Most people don't realize the abilities of a young pup.  A puppy with good breeding and instincts is capable of pointing, backing and retrieving very early in life.  Your puppy will be worked and exposed to birds multiple times throughout each day.  Our hands on approach allows us to maximize the benefits of each session with your pup.  We encourage you to watch the other participants as they work with their dogs to gain a deeper understanding of our training methods.  

Clinics are limited to ten to twelve puppies to allow for more one on one instruction for you and your puppy.  The objective for these clinics is to advance you and your pup as far as possible in four days. You will be amazed by how much you and your puppy can achieve at a PERFECTION KENNEL CLINIC.  Puppy start is for confidence building and bringing out the natural instincts of your pup. Puppies are not taught whoa in this portion of our clinic however they are encouraged to attend a Perfect Finish Clinic to begin whoa training.  Special care is taken at this kennel to limit exposure to gunfire for waiting puppies, please keep your pup safely crated.

This is not a seminar where you just see the highlights of a program. This is an actual clinic that prepares your pup for hunting.

Pre-requisites to this class:

Studying the perfect start video would be helpful before attending this class.  Candidates for this class will ideally be well socialized, and familiar with a crate.  Items required for this class:

  • Vaccinations

  • Age 4 months and older to attend puppy program

  • Well socialized puppy

  • An E-collar with continuous stimulation

If you are new to perfection kennels please call for an evaluation to determine which clinic best suits your dogs needs. 

 Perfection Kennel Clinic

The clinics are held at Perfection Kennel training grounds near Gallatin, Missouri.  Our training facility includes 1200 acres, twenty ponds, quail, homing pigeons, a dock and our PK staff.  

Our clinics start 8 a.m. Friday at the kennel and will be held rain or shine so be prepared. We will gather as a group before and after individual puppy sessions.  Lunch and water will be provided each day. Camaraderie, fun and support is encouraged here at PK.


Unlimited auditors are welcome at $50 per day -  lunch $7 per day for auditors


RV's and Trailers are  welcome and we have a small RV park with hook ups on site. 


Things you need to bring for your dog:

  • Vaccinations Required

  • Crate or Stake out

  • Check cord and leash
    (We recommend Perma tack check cords--get yours here!

  • Choke chain

  • Feeding supplies including their bowls

  • E-collar (please contact us for our e-collar recommendations)

  • Drying towels (they'll get wet and maybe even muddy!)

  • Flea/tick treatments


Things you need to bring for you:

  • Sunscreen

  • Hat

  • Snacks/beverages

  • Lawn Chair

  • Waterproof boots

  • Bug spray

  • Proper outdoor/field attire

  • Cotton or leather gloves

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